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The School

Founded in 2008, managed by PD Dr. med. Andreas Schmutzler, German specialist in reproductive medicine and lawyer, lecturer at Kiel University, and Dr. med. Monica Tobler, Swiss-Thai gynecologist, founder of the private IVF Center Göttingen. We offer well organized courses including teaching, hotel accommodation, meals, transportation and sightseeing. Teaching language is English. Courses include classes, lectures, tutorials, practical and hands-on trainings, in lecture rooms and laboratories. Designed for gynecologists: generalists, specialists in reproductive medicine and in other subspecialties.

The school also provides impressions of German living, geography and culture, from north to south: In the north, in Kiel, harbor town at the Baltic Sea, a sightseeing tour and a boat excursion to the seaside resort Laboe. In the middle, in Göttingen, medieval city of science, a sightseeing tour and a gala evening at the Hardenberg Golf Resort. In the south, in Munich, capital of Bavaria “with a heart", visits of beer guest houses and of the German Museum, world´s largest museum of science and technology, and an excursion to the Alps mountains and lakes.

 We very much welcome you to our courses,

PD Dr. med. Andreas G. Schmutzler and Dr. med. Monica Tobler









Dr. med. Monica Tobler                           PD Dr. med. Andreas Schmutzler

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