NEW: About our "Advanced International Training Course in Reproductive Medicine and Embryology" in Munich.

Faculty: PD Dr. med. Andreas Schmutzler, Dr. med. Monica Tobler

Organized and developed by: International School of Medicine, Kiel & Göttingen

Topics and techniques: As the standards are taught at the basic course, the focus of the advanced course is the practical handling of advanced problems. All the themes of the basic course are on the agenda. But in this advanced course different options will be discussed one vs. the other.

Differences of basic course and advanced course are: The focus of the basic course is the teaching of the basic standards for beginners. Due to the limited time and for better understanding, practicability, memory and safety, standard treatments of standard problems are taught in a standardized way, for immediate daily application by beginners. The focus of the advanced course is an analysis of what is common knowledge, applied to difficult cases. As there are different possible approaches, what is agreed on and what is contested, the teaching will be split:

Munich: In Munich different options will be taught with analysis of what is evidence based medicine vs. what is experimental. As there are always different possible approaches: what is agreed on and what is contested, and why? This knowledge will be practically applied in exercises in stimulation and treatment of difficult real cases, including individualized therapies.

The aimEach participant shall leave after this six-day training course with good advanced knowledge of differentiated ART (artificial reproductive technologies) techniques and a manual with advanced guidelines. The participant then should be able to judge all procedures on the market for what is evidence based medicine and what else might help, even if contested.

MCT and Diploma: After a multiple choice examination the “Diploma in Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Embryology” will be awarded.